How to Make Your Own Espresso Coffee Italian Style

Do You Love Espresso Coffee?

One of the various matters that I love approximately Italy is the coffee espresso. Now it is part of my every day life. There is not any manner I begin my day without it, and some other one after lunch is obligatory!

Of path, no longer each person likes espresso; Two days ago I was in Paris with one french colleague, and he told me: “once I pay for espresso, I count on to get hold of a large espresso, now not that espresso!”. It is like the size of the little cup isn’t really worth what he paid for.

So this newsletter is for actual coffee enthusiasts… In case you do not love coffee, stop studying proper now, due to the fact I am displaying you the way to make the great coffee coffee Italian fashion!

Choose Your Coffee Wisely!

The maximum important issue is to pick out a terrific coffee; I even have tried a lot of them, and I have found that the one I like the most (and also a lot of my friends) is that this one: Kimbo Espresso Napoletano. If you can not find it for your grocery store, you may locate it in Amazon.

Other valid selections are: Illy and Pellini Top

Let the Ritual start… And be unique on the water quantity

For me is quite a lot a ritual now. I even have collected unique strategies from lots of my Italian buddies, and feature applied them to my espresso making technique. The result? Many of them after drinking coffee at my residence say: “Wow Luis! This is truly a tremendous coffee!”

First, take your nicely trained Italian coffee espresso maker and upload a few water inner. It may be very important that you do now not use warm water. I use water from the faucet, as cool as it comes out. Hard water isn’t right for coffee espresso, so do no longer use it. There is a valve inside, fill it up till the water stage is proper below that little hole.

Let’s Add Some Coffee!

I like my coffee to have a robust flavor. So, I take the funnel on my Italian moka and fill it up growing a “little mountain” on it. Do now not press it, simply leave it that way.

Also, ensure that the coffee you’re setting on the coffee maker is finely ground.

Flames On!

Screw tight your Italian coffee pot and positioned it on the kitchen burner. Keep the flame to a ordinary level, because if it’s miles high, your coffee will come out earlier than its time, and it’s going to in all likelihood can have this burned taste. Our espresso needs its own time!

Also, keep the lid of the coffee maker up: it will prevent that the condensed vapor going back to our floor espresso, which may variate its taste.

Take it out as soon because it brews (genuinely… Before it does!)

Do no longer leave the coffee at the burner. A 2d before it comes up absolutely, take it far from the burner.

If you are the usage of a 1-cup coffee maker, just pour it to your Italian coffee cup, and revel in!

Instead, when you have a larger coffee coffee maker and you are sharing it with extra people, take a teaspoon and stir it a bit bit (5 times will suffice).

There you’re: you have got organized your own espresso espresso Italian style!